We're now into our 7th year online and the renaissance of Nargis continues apace!

    A Spinning Nargis !      A Spinning Nargis !   

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You're probably here looking for information about Nargis, the famous Bollywood actress.  If so, you're in the wrong place ... but hang on a minute, what's a Nargis Kebab anyway?

A Nargis Kebab (alternately Nargish, Endah or Bashiri kebab, Chote Nargis, or just plain Nargis Kofta) is basically a hard boiled egg wrapped with spiced Lamb, either fried (deep or shallow) or cooked in the Tandoor then served covered in an omelette and usually with a salad and raita.  Literally, it is the Scotch Egg of the Asian World!  The name Nargis probably comes from the Persian word for Narcissus but it may also be a Pelasgian word... or I may be talking complete bollocks; see here for more dodgy gen.

This site has been put together by a group of "Nargis enthusiasts" to share our passion for this excellent starter but it also needs your help!  Please email gen and/or phots to share with us, and others, places where you have had Nargis, and also feel free to tell us any other info about them.  We would particularly like to hear from chefs who cook Nargis!

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