This page gives information we know about Nargis, plus some other stuff that might interest people... although we doubt it.  Just bear with us, lie back and think of the Nargis.

Our "Worst of the Web" review !!!

Here, here, here and here. Such is our poularity amongst the online community that your favourite website (this one!) has been mentioned on various other sites in a rosy light.... read and see.
The Crime of the Raw Nargis! A Special feature by Piglet...!
You want to see Quail's Eggs?  Come this way !

   Click to see the famous Nargis map....

This page shows a map of all Nargis serveries, and how they cluster together in clumps.
Click here to goto the holder of the Golden Nargis ! The prestigious "Golden Nargis" award is held at present by Spicey Bite, Worcester.  Congratulations to them!  It was the veritable cannonball and excellent, consistent quality which won it!
Yes, a recipe for Nargis ! Yes, a recipe for Nargis!  We've not tried it yet, but it comes from somewhere on the net I forget.  It will be tried very shortly!  We are planning to get in the book of records by cooking the world's largest nargis - with an ostritch egg!  We're still planning this, but give us another five years, okay?
This Category is for the furthest Nargis away from us, the one we aspire to get in one day!  Obviously, Asia is the ultimate place to have a Nargis, but then there was Guernsey, then America!  Anyone know anywhere further that sells the great Nargis ?
If you're still looking for information about the film star Nargis and wondering what all this gibber about kebabs is, then click here or the picture to see some information.
Click here for a better look at the redness ..... Is this the world's reddest curry?  We think it might be.  Balti Gustaba at the India Palace, Tamworth.  Very nice, pity about the service.
On 24th January 2003, we were the featured site on, which has brought us plenty of hits and, we hope, more converts to the cause!  We have received emails from America and Australia, so the word of Nargis is spreading throughout the world !
The shame of it ! The shame of it!  these hellholes, nay, stinking uneducated fleapits, don't give their citizens the BASIC HUMAN RIGHT to consume Nargis.  We think this should be changed !  Let us know if you know better than us.
     We have also been awarded (September 2003) an award by an Internet radio station because: "Nargis Kebab has won the Cyber Turd of the Week award. This means that your website of such poor quality and awful content that you deserve an award proclaiming your crapulence.".  Wow!